Sunday, August 21, 2005

"Nesting Instinct"

"Nesting Instinct" is defined as an unusual burst of energy before a birth. This is an uncontrollable urge to clean one's house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new "baby", to tie up loose ends of old projects and to organize your world. You might be reading this and asking yourselves "Why in the world is Laurie talking about this???" Steve made the comment tonight that he can tell that my "nesting instinct" has kicked in. That is his way of saying "You've been a little busy lately!" He should know after the birth of our four children. I hadn't realized it but he is right (and he doesn't know half the stuff that is going on in my head about what I need to get done this week)! There is still much to be done around here. This weekend I've been busy mowing the yard, trimming bushes, and getting the flower beds cleaned up around the house. I dug out the cannas and got that flower bed ready for the rose garden that I have planned for this fall. I also pulled weeds and used weed killer on the rest that I couldn't get to. Washed the front porch, cleaned all the chairs, and watered/fertilized the hanging plants. Gave Riga a bath, treated her for fleas, and gave her her monthly heartworm pill. Took time to have dinner and watch a movie with Steve on Saturday night after supper but I fell asleep. I had trouble understanding the dialogue, even with the close captioning. Brad also left today to return to Virginia Tech for another school year so I helped him get his things together. I miss him already. . .

Today after church and dinner, I cleaned and organized the pantry and the kitchen. Also balanced the checkbook and paid bills. Surgery day is only nine days away! I can't help but feel this way about getting things in order. I guess one might say that I'm preparing for the "birth" of sound, which is going to be a major life event for me and our family.

Steve and I had dinner tonight with Susan and Mark. Steve was really glad to meet someone with a cochlear implant and to share information with her and her husband. Susan gave me some videos to watch while I'm recuperating and we made plans to have lunch together the day before my surgery. Steve is leaving tomorrow morning for a business trip and won't be home until Friday evening. He'll be home for about 12 hours and then will leave again for San Diego, CA on Saturday. He'll come home late Monday evening, the night before my surgery! Susan said that it is probably a good idea that he will be gone so he won't have to deal with my stress level! Just pray that I will be calm and at peace as the day gets closer.

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