Monday, August 24, 2009

A Lotte Update

After I sent a response to Lotte's father about "the experiment," I received the following response. Lotte's father has given me permission to share it:

"Hi Laurie,

Thanks for that experiment. And a thorough job you did...Was great to hear how you perceived the sound. "Distant and nasal" is a description we can use. With this we will try to have Lotte to wear it on the ear. With the battery still on the shoulder perhaps. We'll do some experimenting ourself. Thinking of it, the fact that the BTE is not just hanging on the ear, but also hugging the bone of the head, might be a reason for a different sound. Like we, and you said, Lotte will decide for herself. And with her being used to the current sound, changing might not be the most popular thing to do. But we'll try in the weekend. I don't think the distance between face and microphone makes the difference, but who knows. Lately Lotte has been talking louder. We feel that it has to do with the vacation. Being outside for so much (weather in Holland and Italy was great) might require more sound in order for her to hear her voice in the same way. Another factor might be the fact she has been excited 24/7 during the holiday... Happy bunny...

By the way... Have you found ways that you benefited from it? Again, thanks for your help. It has been very informative."

Lots of love, Onno & Marieke B----, on behalf of Lotte

I wrote back and said this:

As far as benefitting from having the processors on my shoulders, I can see where it might help in certain situations, like if I was in surgery or in bed for an extended period of time, doing an outdoor activity like boating, skiing, or something active where I would not want to lose my processors if they fell off....

And later, another response:

"This weekend we tried it on the ears. With the batteries on the back, and with the complete BTE on the ear. Lotte doesn't mind, but still prefers them on the shoulder. So do we.... after she came back with a broken BTE. It had fallen off, and 2 of the 3 little pins of the bayonet-closing thingy (how on earth do you call that) broke, making it impossible to close it. Well, it's on tape now. Duct tape will be the next move..Anyway, we put it higher on the shoulder than before... not much change though..."

Poor Lotte, she now has a broken processor after trying it on her ear...I feel bad for her. Hopefully she will get a replacement processor soon!

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