Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Must Read....Jennifer's Post

My friend, Jennifer, posted a very moving and poignant post is a must read! She shares her bilateral cochlear implant journey from her heart at SURROUND SOUND...

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't that a great post?

I have been pressured (not by Cochlear) to go bi-lateral. My audi wants me to at least TALK to my surgeon again, and some friends are insistent I should hear from both ears.

My surgeon told me 3 years ago he would never bilaterally implant me b/c of my balance. Three years older my balance is worse. I hear great with one... and have decided I'm simply not going to be pressured into going for another one. My audi calls me her "super star" with one, so why mess with a good thing?

Jennifer is gutsy, gracious and a superb writer. She will continue to bless others as a result of her being such a positive role-model and mentor!