Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Jackson Update!

Jackson with his Tennessee grandparents!
Here are a few pictures from the holidays! Steve and I flew to Texas to be with our grandson, Jackson, and his mommy & daddy. He is growing so fast and we miss him already. I loved hearing him "talk" and make his noises. He also "slaps" the hardwood floor in the house as he does his "Army crawl" and it is easy to know where he is. I even heard him cry after his nap behind a closed door! And he always smiles when we open the door to get him!
Jackson at 9 months
The Three J'sJackson standing next to his cribDoing the "Army Crawl!"


leahlefler said...

Oh, gosh- he's such a cutie pie! Christmas is so much more fun when babies are involved, lol.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe this is little Jackson. It is just amazing how quickly they grow-up. He's just beautiful Laurie.

tammy said...

Such a doll Laurie! I'm sure you are one proud grandma! Aiden is nine months and is all about the army crawl (and rolling)! He's just now starting to pull up onto his knees & sit though, I'm sure due to balance issues from his LVAS.

You have a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing!

Doris Cheney said...

Hi, Laurie!
What fun it was to see the pictures that you posted from your time with Jason's family. That little Jackson is a doll! How exciting it is for you to be able to hear him...even behind closed doors. I loved the family picture with Jason wearing the Santa hat! It is hard to believe that Jackson is 9 months already, but our grandson, Nathan, is almost 9 months old as well. He doesn't crawl yet but would love to take off soon.
How special it is for you to be grandparents and to have been able to spend a week in Texas! I'm sure everyone had a great time being together and you got to really enjoy little Jackson.
Thanks for sharing the photos!