Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Audiology Clinic Allows Locals to Live & Work

I am still working hard and advocating for the UT Audiology & Speech Department and recently had another article published in the Knoxville News Sentinel on Monday. You can access it HERE. It was originally supposed to be published a few weeks ago but the gentleman who wrote it had to deal with the loss of his mother to cancer right after he interviewed me. I had hoped that the article would be longer but we felt that it was important to publish something to increase deaf awareness in the community, especially for the UT Board members that live in the Knoxville area.

I'm not finished with this issue yet! I hope to write another article later this month and also have a state government meeting this week with the TN Council for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. The UT Audiology and Speech department is on the agenda and will be in my report as well.

My father wrote a six page letter to me a few weeks ago and filled in the "blanks" that I had regarding my early hearing loss history since my mother isn't here to answer those questions for me. I hope to post some excerpts from it in the very near future. It was so sweet and tender and made me miss my mother all over again, bringing tears to my eyes.

My dear readers, if you are connected in any way to the UT Audiology & Speech Pathology program, they would really appreciate it if you would write one letter or email to Lisa Hertz, the UT secretary at Your letter or email will be passed on to the UT Board of Trustees. Even a short letter or email that states where you live and how your audiology department helps you or your family would be wonderful. Just tell the Trustees who you are, where you live, why the UT ASP programs are important, and ask the Trustees to continue the programs. Just one or two points would be perfect. Also, please pass on information regarding this important issue to your friends and family members.

Also, check the most recent additions to the SAVE UTASP website, including the Editiorial in the Sunday Knoxville News Sentinel and Letter to the Editor. Stay tuned for future updates!

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Shari/"Whiger" said...

I hope all this publicity helps the clinic stay open. I have had some auditiory therapy as a child, too. I did not say one word till I was 18 months old. After that, my mom says I would not "shut up." Most f the time,my speech can pass for a hearing person. It's only when I am trying too hard to listen and be sure of what I am saying that my voice becomes "different." Advocacy is so interesting...have you heard of PIP-Partners in Policymaking? Someday I hope to take these classes, but the nearest one is in IL.