Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

I have neglected this blog far too long and have several posts written (but not ready to post.) I have not forgotten you, my readers, and thank you for checking in on me . . .

But, I am still hearing well and it seems so natural these days that it is hard to find new sounds to write about. Today in church as I bowed my head to pray, I heard and understand every word my pastor said. I'm so used to his voice (and others) and don't have to concentrate too hard to "listen." I still do lipread if a person is soft spoken or if I am tired. The birds have returned and it is a joy to hear their songs every day. Even the rain is soothing and I notice it every single time when the raindrops start to fall.

March started out with some exciting news. . .Brad proposed to his girlfriend, Caitlyn, and they are planning a July wedding! So, we will be adding another member to our family! Caitlyn is such a sweetheart and we all love her. (Steve and I were going to find a way to marry her if Brad didn't!) She will be a great addition to our family and is perfect for Brad. They were here earlier this month for spring break. When she comes to visit, we make cookies together, have a cup of tea, go to the gym, or just talk. She loves to get up early like I do and we'll sit and talk in the mornings for an hour while we drink coffee. She and Brad will both graduate from Virginia Tech in May and will live in Connecticut after their wedding. (Brad has accepted a job in New London, CT - which is where Steve and I lived many years ago.) Below is a picture of the lovely couple, which was taken at Jason and Jessica's wedding. . .

March has also been busy with major construction in our house (and NOISE!) and it is finished. We have new tile floors in the hallways and bathrooms, and new toilets, sinks, etc. I had to repaint the bathrooms on the weekends and evenings before the contractors came back the next day. Did you know that paint brushes and rollers make a sound as you paint? That would have to be my "latest" sound that I've heard. We are trying to update our house so we can sell it in the next year or so.

I'm just about done with our taxes and will have more time for other things, like writing and catching up on my blog reading. I'm also trying to get things caught up, bills paid, etc. so I can leave for a few weeks.

Last, but not least, our grandson will be here very very soon! Our family is growing! I will probably be on a plane to Texas in the next few days when Jason and Jessica tell me to come. And soon I will be able to hold my baby's baby. . .and hear those newborn sounds I missed when our own children were born. Happy sounds!


Jim said...

Wow... you are busy as I am. Congrats.

Sam said...

Wow...what a busy life you're leading. Hope it doesn't wear you out before Reno. Wish I was going but oh well, another time. Congrats to the newlywedsto-be and the parents-to-be.

Anonymous said...

This was such a happy update! Lots of change on the horizon, but all of it good and very exciting. I've never seen my mom as happy as when she is with her grandson, that's a love you can't even imagine and it's just around the corner for you!

David said...

Happy Easter Laurie! I loved your comment on hearing the sound a paint roller makes. We just finished painting a basement last weekend, and as I toiled away in silence, I thought about the sounds I used to hear when I rolled a wall.
We have our home for sale now, and just keeping it spotless for showings is a full time job.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment on Easter dinner was something that was on my mind when the three of us sat down to a turkey dinner last night. The only thing missing from our family dinner was yours truly hearing the sounds of laughter and conversation. My CI will be as welcome as rain in April.

Abbie said...

Happy belated Easter! I can't wait to see updates about when the newest addition is born! :) Congratulations to the newlyweds too!

A couple more months to go to Reno!

Jennifer said...

What a great update! It sounds like things are sweet in your part of the world! I can't wait for baby news...and pictures! Wonder if baby will wait until his grandma's birthday?

Shari said...

What a lovely couple!! :)

A lot of goings-on in your life, that's for sure. Glad the CIs are working so good for you that you don't really need to "listen" to hear. It's always hard to hear when you aren't looking at them.

Happy Trails.