Monday, November 12, 2007

TV Interview

Tomorrow (November 13th) starting at 3:55 p.m. on Channel 10, I will be gracing the TV sets in the Knoxville, TN viewing area for the 4 o'clock Style show on the news. WBIR-TV contacted me for an interview after seeing my article in the paper in August and wanted to do a segment on women overcoming disabilities and hardship. I struggled with whether or not I should tell anyone about the show but I knew some people would feel bad if they missed it. So, I thought you would be interested. I have no idea how the interview turned out but the reporter assured me that she would do her best! It is a story about my hearing loss journey and how I hope to help others to succeed.

If you are unable to see it or live out of the area, you can view the video here after it airs. Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

NO WAY!! How COOL! Laurie, your sweet face is popping up everywhere...I love it! :) I probably can't see it from here at home, but will watch the video online after it airs...I'm so glad I'll have that option!! THANK YOU for sharing! :)

Abbie said...

Woo hoo! This is a YouTube moment! :) I'm so happy for you!

Hear my clapping and hootering and hollering from Jersey? :)

That is really great! When I get home from work I will be scrounging for that :)

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

That is great Laurie! I will check it out after it airs. It will be neat to put a face with the name and the blog. Sorry I missed the chat last night, just got busy and forgot about it. Evenings tend to be crazy around here.

Jennifer said...

It was great!! And I am cracked up at Abbie's "hootering". It produces an incredibly funny mental picture!

Sam said... had your 5 minutes of where is my autograph!!!????

Anonymous said...

Standing ovation.!!! Wonderful TV Interview.!!! Well I am just 59 and came from the same era like you (much younger than me) where it was very new teaching deaf children to speak. We did it.!!!!! Thanks to our parents and teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS, Molly CC N22-4/95 and bilateral w/ Freedom - 2/06

Robin said...


We just saw your premiere on TV. It was great! You sounded as if you had done this many times. They put together the information and pictures wonderfully. We were all very proud of you.

Have a great day. Robin

Dawn said...

Hey Laurie,

Your interview was wonderful!!! You looked absolutely beautiful, and they did such a great job of piecing the interview together to tell your life story! Your whole family and all your friends are so proud of all your accomplishments Laurie! Way to go girl!

We have to get together for dinner again soon to catch up on everything. Sometime after Thanksgiving, if you have a day when you are out shopping, just let me know and I will meet you for lunch or dinner.

I am so proud of you!!!
Love ya,

Lydia said...

Hey Laurie - you were so wonderful on Style!!! It warmed my heart.
I was soooo proud of you.
Love you,

Jack said...


You did fantastic on your "Style" interview. You came across as very poised and confident. You're just an awesome individual and I'm pleased to call you friend.

Blessings, Jack

Marcie said...


Thanks for the heads up! Jack and I watched your interview this afternoon. It was very inspiring, you did a wonderful job on your interview. I know that you said that you didn't feel that you did well on interviews, but we were so proud of you and your mission to help others. We're looking forward to reading your book someday:)

Love You,

Mary Ann said...

Great story! Such poise on camera and they covered sooo much information!(Great family pics!!) Well done!! Thanks for letting me know! I'll be in touch!

Mary Ann

Betsy said...


Thanks for the heads up on the segment WBIR did on your story. I certainly feel we are given gifts through what God has layed out before us. It is through those trials we become the hands of God here on earth. Everyday is a gift. I am a fan of Hallerin Hilton Hill on Newstalk radio 100 WNOX. He is that voice as I start each weekday that reminds me to "think of three things you're grateful for and get out there and live this day with all the joy, wonder and enthusiasm you can muster." Everyday is Christmas.

I miss getting together in these busy days. I pray for your strength and guidance as you pay it forward for others facing the trials of hearing impairment. Sending you hugs and lots of birdsongs.

Love, Betsy

Trudy said...

What an awesome interview!!! I know you are a great inspiration to
others. I loved seeing the photographs too.

Thanks for sending this.

Love, Trudy

Aunt Miriam said...

Dear Laurie,

It was neat to hear you talking right in our house on your TV interview yesterday! Sounded like you were right in the room with us. We are so grateful that you can hear, and that you went through all of the pain and misery of getting the implants.

ALSO, HAPPY 'BELATED' ANNIVERSARY!Hope you got to celebrate in some
special way. Nelda is coming for Thanksgiving, and says she has lots of pictures from the wedding. It really sounded like a beautiful ceremony.

It is only a week until Thanksgiving, so I have a lot to do, the Royer's are coming!!!

Love, Miriam

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I am just now reading your e-mail, but I did catch your interview - Scott also was around. It was great! I wish I had known some of those things about you - childhood, etc. I feel bad that we are neighbors and know so little about each other! Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie,

I just watched your appearance on the WBIR Style program. I am so proud of you! Your life is such a tremendous encouragement to more people than you'll ever know... and not just to the hearing impaired either. I think particularly to children who face similar challenges, discriminations and prejudices. The way you obviously handled those challenges is a tribute to your faith and the fine qualities you possess as a person. Your dedication to helping others will be a gift to all that receive it. All I can say is that you were certainly on the right program... cause lady you've got Style!

Warmest regards, Lonas

Anonymous said...

It was great!!!!! Thanks so much for letting me know. I felt proud to call you my friend.

Love, Kathi

Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie --- YOU ARE A CELEBRITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sending the website so that we could all go on it & see your FANTASTIC interview!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How wonderful it was to see all of the GREAT pictures that they used ---- with your Mom in one, your wedding photo, one from WIS, etc..... They really did a WONDERFUL JOB of interviewing you & getting a pretty complete/concise picture of your life in a rather short story!! How I appreciated all of your answers, which were all familiar, but hearing you share your incredible life journey is just SO SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!! You are now a TV STAR--- and your biggest cheerleader early in your life was your MOM --- who has to be smiling down upon you..... GOD is SO GOOD to make this gift of hearing possible for you and we ALL praise GOD & REJOICE with you!!!!! Know that you are well loved by the Royers and that we couldn't be more happy for you; this interview; and for your being able to HEAR now!!! We CELEBRATE you and all of your fantastic accomplishments in you life!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING & A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


We saw you on TV the other day, you are such beautiful kind person. I just wanted to tell you how much your friendship means to me and how happy I am for your new hearing.

Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,
Not sure if you remember me. We met at HLAA in OK City.
Jennifer did put the pic of the 3 of us in her blog on HLAA trip.

Again standing ovation to your wonderful TV interview.
I am trying to get another BLOG friend, Shari. Who has Usher
like me (hearing loss and tunnel vision) to watch the interview.
But really encourage her hubby to watch it. They live in a
small town but one hour from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Hard
to meet others with C Implant. At least her hubby would learn
we can hear dogs' toes tapping. Clock ticking etc etc. And
your special last few words "Everyday is Christmas."
Ohhh sooooo very true.

Molly C from Tampa FL
N22 - 4/95 & bilateral Freedom 2/06

Anonymous said...

I loved watching your story, the old parts and the new. .....I cried good tears for you!! I love ya, and hope you all have a Great Thanksgiving!! Lisa

Barbara said...

Wow Laurie - what a beautiful interview. I've watched it several times already. God has been so good to you as you have trusted in Him! I had my boys all watch the interview as well, as what a testimony! Thanks and have a great day. Love, Barbara

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed your program the other day. You did an outstanding job! I hope you get LOTS of feedback from it and maybe alot more people who are interested in our group.

Mike has offered that the Christmas party be at his station. They have a conference room. Not sure if we can still meet at the hospital or not, but it's an offer if we don't have a place. The only drawback, is that the station is further into town. It's off Kingston Pike near Western Plaza,,, it may be too far for many to make,,, but it's an offer in case there is no other place to meet. Just let me know and which day it is!

Thanks again for all you do for our group!
Love, Viv

Marlene said...

Hi Laurie!

That is awesome! I wasn't able to hear the video because for some reason we don't have sound on the computer anymore. Blake had to reformat and something happened. I'll have to listen to it from work on Monday. I wanted to listen to it today but I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to do any 'extras'!

You are truly an inspiration and I'm proud of you:-)

You know, I still have the voice mail you left for me on my birthday. I like to hear your voice!

You & your family have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie,

I have watched your interview several times. I get tears in my eyes every time I watch it. I am so thankful that you are able to hear. Even though you haven't been able to hear very well for almost 50 years, you have many years of hearing to look forward to. With grandchildren in your future, you will be able to enjoy their coo's and beginning words as they learn to speak.

Love, Martha