Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A CI Moment

I'm sitting here in the kitchen with my laptop computer and heard a faint crinkling type noise near me. You will not believe what it was. . .it! was! a! FLY! walking! on! tin! foil!!!! We had just finished eating dinner and the tin foil was laying on the counter. It took Chris and I a little while to locate the source of this unusual sound. Chris couldn't believe that I could hear it! I've also been hearing the water run into the icemaker in the freezer. I always notice the ticking of the clock on the wall when I'm in here. Kitchen sounds.

I'll be busy the next few days. . .am leaving tomorrow after I get off work to go with Marissa for orientation at the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga. We'll be back on Friday. And then, starting on Sunday, we'll have guests here in our home from Latvia for a week. The Latvia Youth Choir is coming to the U.S. on tour and the director, his wife, and son will stay with us. Should be a fun and busy time!

And then. . . on June 21st, I will get on a PLANE for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the HLAA Convention with Jennifer! I am so ready for a break and a little mini-vacation. . .


Jennifer said...

A fly on tinfoil? I believe you have superpowers now!! I am IMPRESSED!!
I can hear our shower dripping. We can't make it stop without a little plumbing, and it makes me absolutely crazy!!
I can't wait...TWO MORE WEEKS!!! :D :D :D

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

I was not aware of the HLAA. It's right here in our city! Have you been to this event before, and would you recommend it for me? My 16yo dd wears hearing aids.

Laurie said...

Jennifer, Me with Superpowers? I wish! Then I could get this house cleaned and organized!

Clemntine, this will be my first convention. If you have an oppportunity to attend, I would encourage it! It is for anyone with any type of hearing loss. Maybe we could arrange a meeting while I'm in your town! You would love Jennifer, too!

Yana said...

Oh wow... It's amazing you heard that! Congrats on your son's engagement and on having those happy, sweet, healthy puppies!:)

David Edward said...

have fun with Jennifer!
happy for you both.

Sam said...

Fly walking on tinfoil??????? LOL!! Now that is one CI moment that should top them all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

Still laughing about you hearing that fly. You have come a long way baby!

When you are at the convention, would you check out what is new for CI users in cordless phones if you have time ? I am going to have to upgrade mine and want to get the "newest" one so that it will last a while.
Thinking about trying to go to the convention next year. Have a great trip.