Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Heard a TRAIN!

I heard a train! This morning as I sat in our quiet hotel room I heard an unfamiliar sound. I was confused at first and thought it was my cell phone buzzing on the nightstand with a message. I heard it again a few seconds later. It was a faint, soft, low and gentle sound. But, there were no messages and my phone wasn't ringing. When I am alone, it takes a while to locate a new sound, especially when I am in a new place. I knew it wasn't a fan or the gas fireplace in our room. I heard the noise again and realized that it was a TRAIN! So, I ran to the window and sure enough, I saw the steam rising from the train near the river below our hotel and the train cars between the trees about 1/4 mile away! I heard it in the room with the window closed! That was an exciting moment for me. I never would have heard that with my hearing aids.

This is a much needed vacation for me. I'm finding that I hear things better when I am still, quiet, and relaxed. I'm also hearing the still, quiet voice of God. . .

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