Friday, March 10, 2006

What Is On My Plate?

Several people have asked me what food is on the plate that I am holding in my picture. That picture was taken at one of the best Latin American restaurants called El Meson in Dayton, Ohio last summer when I visited with my brother, Doug. My food was just too pretty to eat! El Meson is his favorite restaurant and they have a different specialty every month. I ordered "Carapulca" (car-a-pull-ca): Medallions of pork tenderloin aji panca, papas seca, peanuts, cilantro, and port. Side dishes were: arroz a la peruviana (white rice with corn), Pur'e de pallares (pureed lima beans with cheese), and ensalada (salad). It was absolutely delicious. Everyone at our table ordered something different and we took turns tasting each other's food, enjoying appetizers, and drinking mojitos! If you travel to the Dayton area, you will have to check out El Meson. It will be an experience you will not forget!

Now I'm getting hungry writing all this!

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Junghwa said...

Hi, Laurie!
This is Junghwa Bahng, Ph.D student at UT.
I visited Susan's blog, too.
You, both have amazing blog. To me, it is very helpful. Also I love great website links!
I will stop by here later, and will read your great story.

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