Sunday, October 02, 2005


I heard BIRDS this morning! I've been trying so hard to hear the birds ever since I was hooked up to my CI almost two weeks ago. Now that it is getting cooler at night, we have our bedroom windows open to let the breeze come in. After I took my shower this morning and put my processor on, I kept hearing a "click, click, click" over and over again. I thought the fan in the room was stuck but it was fine. Steve wasn't too crazy about being woken up at 7 a.m on a Sunday morning with his wife asking him "what's that noise?!!!" He said that there was a robin chirping outside. I quickly got my coffee and sat on the front porch for a little while to listen some more. Heard a "tdtdtdtdtdtdtdtd" sound that sounded like a woodpecker. Steve said that robins don't "click" but have a "chirping" sound and that I might want to mention it to the audiologist when I see him on Tuesday. He may need to make an adjustment so it sounds right.

Worked in the nursery at church today and loved every minute of it! Another gal worked with me and we had five boys and one girl. I loved hearing their little voices and the sounds of their musical toys! I think I had as much fun playing with them as the kids did!

Also heard the metal expanding and contracting on Steve's car as it was cooling down when we pulled into the garage after lunch. Went to a Faithful Men meeting tonight and didn't have as much trouble following the conversation around the room like I usually do. Heard them sing, too, and they sounded better than ever.

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