Sunday, May 08, 2005

Marissa's Concert

Well, Mother's Day isn't over yet. Just came home from Marissa's High School Concert with the Maryville Singers and the Trebelettes. Wow. It was so awesome! Steve and I sat in the second row so I was able to hear the music and see the choreography. Marissa had said that it was going to be good but I didn't know it was going to be THAT good! It's a good thing I put new batteries in my hearing aids this morning! She even had a small solo and didn't even tell us! We are so proud of her. God has given her a real talent for music and we know that she will go far with it. I am so thankful that I have always been able to enjoy music. I just hope and pray that I will still be able to enjoy it and appreciate it after I get my cochlear implant. I love to hear Marissa sing and play the piano. I love to hear Steve sing with the Faithful Men. I love to listen and sing to my praise CD's in my car. God calls each of us to serve Him in the place that He has us. In His eyes, we all have a ministry. He wants us to use our gifts and talents and we bring glory to Him when we use them. I hope that Marissa will use her gift of music and share it with others so that God's light can shine through her. God knows Marissa's heart and He knows our heart's desire to serve Him. He wants to use US to make a difference, to share His love, and to touch other people's hearts. When we use our artistic talents in His service, we can share in the joy and blessings of God. He may give us a lot to work with or a little. In Jesus' parable of the talents, there was one man who was only given a single talent to invest. He was resentful because he was not given as much as the others. So, he hid his talent and missed out on the blessings that God had for him.

I learned at an early age that God had a special plan for my life. He did not call me to the music ministry in a big or miraculous way. Instead, he led me through my own circumstances and showed me that I could share my talents in a small way. I had thought to myself before, "I love music but I am hearing impaired. What can I give Him?" I wanted to give Him my heart but wasn't sure how. I knew that God was telling me to "Go! I will help you speak and show you what to say." I knew that He wanted me to share my gifts and talents and love of music with others. That is why I find great joy in being part of the handbell choir at church. I also sign to music occasionally and do liturgical dancing but have not done that for awhile. I enjoy singing to my heart's content ALONE in my car where no one can hear me! By signing, singing, dancing, playing the handbells or piano, I know I can share my Master's joy and be understood. It is a way for me to praise God and encourage others as well as myself spiritually and bring them closer to Him. When I ring the handbells, I can feel, as David did in Psalms, when he danced before the Lord. When I sign to music, I experience God speaking through my hands.

I have a poem that I'd like to share. Even though I don't sign with my hands, it does mean something to me. . .


Can you hear me?
Listen, not with your ears
But with your eyes.
To you they speak,
My silent hands.
Hear me tell my tale.
Hear me sing my song.
Learn my language
My beautiful native language.
Hear my hands,
Hear my music and stay.
Learn my language.
Speak to me with your hands.
Share my beautiful language.
Hear my silent hands.
We have a tale to tell,
A song to sing.
Open your eyes
And hear me speak.
(by Sandra L. Brooks)

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